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Horizons January 2017

01/16/17 | Horizons Newsletter

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A Morning Star Rises

A New Way to Educate Lakota Girls Shines in Pine Ridge

Anpo Wicahpi, which means “Morning Star” in Lakota, is the new all-girls college prep school in Porcupine. Created to help young girls realize their full potential and contribute to the health and well-being of the Lakota people. By building and empowering their self-esteem, these girls can become Winuhcala or “dear and precious female sources of strength,” often called the backbone of the Lakota Nation. This school’s unique approach to preparing girls for success is by balancing strong academics with Lakota philosophy and practices. Combined with technology and a dedicated staff, these girls have an opportunity to grow their minds in a way not offered anywhere else in South Dakota, or the country.