Update Your Contact Information

Update Your Contact Information

Thanks for visiting our website to learn more about our 2022 Fiber to the Home Project. Please fill out the form below to update your contact information with a preferred phone number and email address. Having an up to date email address and phone number help contractors and Golden West communicate with you throughout the Fiber to the Home project.

Golden West may use your preferred email address and phone numbers provided above to give you important updates, along with newsletters and special offers. This will not change the address of record for your account.

2022 Giveaway Winners: 

$100 Golden West Bill Credit - Mark and Ona Ebsen
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Terry and Marilyn Seiler
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Todd and Tisha Hoffman

$100 Golden West Bill Credit - Amber Cullison 
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - James or Mary Clarey
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Jill Letcher

$100 Golden West Bill Credit - Kenneth and Ricki Kollmar
$50 MasterCard Gift Card -Scott and Shelly Meiners
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Roger and Marlene Myers

$100 Golden West Bill Credit - Greg and Kristi Ymker
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Marlys Luebke
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Brandon and Amy Hislop

$100 Golden West Bill Credit - Caleb and Megan Crew
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Kenny and Cassie Rhoden
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Marlin Brink

$100 Golden West Bill Credit - Pam McCampbell
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Dwayne Stenstrom Jr.
$50 MasterCard Gift Card - Keith and Tasbah Lavery

50" Smart TV - Dean and Barbara Watzel

Winners have been notified via the email address provided on Friday, April 1, 2022. Prizes will be mailed to address of record on account.