Hill City

Fiber to the Home Project

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Golden West is working to bring broadband internet access to you!

Golden West's fiber-optic network connection will allow you to perform everyday activities online more easily for education, business, healthcare, entertainment, and more.

CHR Solutions, a contractor working for Golden West, is currently staking the project. For your safety, every CHR Solutions worker has a Golden West name badge. After all necessary easements and right-of-way agreements are secured, construction is scheduled to start in 2024. While some locations in this area who pre-order service may have a broadband connection by late 2024, the projects around Hill City will run through 2025. 

If you are interested in a broadband internet connection from Golden West with speed options from 250 Mbps to up to 1 Gig, complete the form below. Pricing is still to be determined. 

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June 13, 2023

Grants will help Golden West bring broadband to Black Hills areas

Golden West has started three projects to bring broadband internet access to nearly 700 homes and businesses in the Black Hills area thanks in part to funding from the State of South Dakota.

The projects will bring much-needed high-speed broadband internet to people east of Rapid City and south and east of Hill City. Upon completion, subscribers can select internet speed options from 250 Mbps to up to 1 Gbps, or 1 Gig.

“A fiber optic connection opens a whole host of opportunities for residents and businesses alike,” says Golden West CEO Denny Law. “It makes it easier to perform everyday activities online for things like education, business, healthcare, and entertainment.”

Hill City projects to connect 280 locations
The projects around Hill City extend south of town along S.D. Highway 385 and east along Highway 323, also known as the Old Hill City Road. See map for detailed coverage. These two projects will bring service to about 280 locations.

The state awarded Golden West $8.5 million for construction around Hill City from the Connect SD broadband program. This supports about 85% of the work; Golden West will cover the remaining cost.

People in this project area who want internet service should complete the form above to indicate interest and be kept informed. While some locations here who preorder service may have a broadband connection by late 2024, the projects around Hill City will run through 2025.

Online resources for fiber optic projects
On behalf of Golden West, CHR Solutions has started staking for all the projects. After securing all necessary easements and rights-of-way agreements, construction will start in 2024. Golden West will work with additional contractors to build fiber optic infrastructure to all customers in these project areas.

Visit goldenwest.com/ftth for more information about the overall construction process.