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Golden West has the Internet products and services to keep your business connected to the customers you serve.

Building Blocks  – Web development tool to customize your business' online presence.

Register a Domain Name – GKG

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The items below are available in Harrison.


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  • Up to 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps


    Internet speeds vary and will be as fast as current infrastructure allows.

    • Speeds available range from up to 25 to 100 Mbps based on network infrastructure 

    • 2 Email Accounts - 8 GB quota each *

    • 500 MBs of Web Space

    • Free Email Spam and Virus Filter.

     * Quota is the amount of storage space allocated to each email account

    Router Rental for Wi-Fi  $6.00 a month
    Golden West assists with rented routers as needed.  Click on the above link to review the details before choosing to use your own router.

    The monthly Internet cost does not include the cost of local, state or federal charges or end-user fees. Internet may not be available in all areas. Golden West Internet speeds may vary based on network infrastructure and service availability. Golden West shall not be held liable for errors or omissions in pricing. In the event of an error we will make every effort to accommodate our customers. Some restrictions may apply.

    Faster speeds will be available after Golden West brings fiber optic technology to this area.

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Hosting and More

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  • Domain Hosting and DNS


  • Static IP


    One IP

  • Static IP Block


    Two to Five IPs

  • Web Space


    500 MBs

  • Additional Web Space


    Per 10 MBs

  • Vanity / Virtual Address



    A vanity address is a virtual address which will show your email to be
    coming from your domain, and allows email to be received if sent to your domain.

  • Web Stats


    Web statistics show the number of visits over time and gives generic geographic
    information as to where the site is being accessed from, along with various other tools.


  • Domain Name Email Dropbox


    Email hosting only for a domain name.

  • Thawte SecureKey

    $199.99/a year

    Keep Information Safe

    Golden West Internet Solutions has partnered with Thawte,
    the second largest global certification authority, trusted since 1996.

    SecureKeys is a code which allows an encrypted connection to your site for safe
    handling of personal information, such as credit card and bank information.

    In order to fully process your SecureKey order, please call our office at  1-800-763-2525.


  • Additional Email Account


    Golden West High-Speed Internet comes with two email accounts.

  • Router Rental for Wi-Fi


    Golden West assists with rented routers as needed.
    Please review the details at before choosing to use your own router.

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