Cable TV - IPTV Software Upgrade

IPTV Software Upgrade

Cable Software Upgrade Occurring
Providing our members with the best products and services is our top priority at Golden West. The current operating system for our set top boxes is approaching the end of its useful life. In order to stay up to date and provide customers with enhanced features, we are upgrading to the latest software version. This change will occur on Monday, April 26, 2021.

Enhanced Features & Options Available
The new platform will look a little different than you’re used to, and it will offer some new options. These include offering personalized recommendations based on your favorite shows and actors, simplified parental controls, and the ability to use a Netflix-style tiled carousel that makes searching for programs easier and more visually appealing. For DVR customers the upgrade also expands the Catch-Up/Restart feature, allowing you to go back and view most shows you might have missed or forgotten to record for up to three days and adds more DVR storage.

Watch Existing DVR Recordings Soon
Programs recorded prior to the upgrade will remain available for viewing for 60 days following the upgrade. This means you have until June 21, 2021, to watch anything you recorded on your DVR prior to April 26. Beyond that date, all previously recorded programs will disappear. Anything recorded after the new platform conversion takes place on April 26 will be retained.

Action Required To Continue Series Recordings
One of the most popular features DVR customers enjoy is the ability to set series recordings to ensure you never miss an episode of your favorite shows. Because we are transitioning to a new updated platform, not all information will carry over. If you have series recordings programmed, you must delete your existing series recordings and reprogram them AFTER the upgrade has taken place on April 26. 

How to Delete a Series Recording:

It may appear that your series recordings are still active, but unless you take action and reprogram them ASAP following the upgrade, you will be in danger of missing your favorite shows.

How to Schedule a Recording:

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