Capital Credits 2020


Listed here are Golden West members that have failed to claim capital credits (to which they are entitled to receive) for the year 2003, and portions of 2004 and 2019. Checks were mailed to their last known address but have not been cashed. 

Customers from this list, with proper evidence of ownership, can contact Golden West at 855-888-7777 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to claim capital credits.  

Pursuant to SDCL 47-16-54, these capital credits will be forfeited to the Cooperative unless claimed within six months of the first publication of notice, or not later than August 31, 2021. 

Michael A or Lisa Koehn Black Hawk
Koehn Dc Black Hawk
Maria Wilson Box Elder
Louis or Marie Twiss Buffalo Gap
Raymond or Hazel Weisser Canyon Lake
Jennie or Tom Trople Caputa
Dave or Kim Simunek Chadron
Steve Vesely Chadron
Donald Leui Coarsegold
Jacob Berry Cody
Society Of Indian Missions Dba Colome
Curtis or Cora Lovette Colorado Springs
Colton Lumber Co Colton
Hiermeier Crushing Custer
United Land Management Custer
Sd Dept Of Ag-Forestry Custer
Tzeidel Bryan Custer
Springs Bath House Llc Denver
Alltel Communications Inc East Rutherford
City Of Edgemont Edgemont
City Of Edgemont Edgemont
Jim or Marilyn Dobbs Edgemont
City Of Edgemont Edgemont
Bill or Richelle Tanner Edgemont
Edward Sr Muhm Edgemont
Roberta Asbridge Edgemont
Susan Henderson Edgemont
Custer/Fall River Edgemont
Jeannette Ainger Edgemont
Pjs Food Shop Edgemont
Kathy Tonuci Edgerton
Michael Acosta Eureka
Frances L Plooster Evans
Richard or Barb Isaacs Faith
Lucile Peterson Faith
Vincent L or Rita M Duck Country Shop Faith
Chris or Sharron E Johnson Faith
At&T Mobility Farmers Branch
Pamida 03121 Fitchburg
Scott or Wanda American Horse Fort Duchesne
Laura Buck Fort Pierre
Darlene Rassmussen Hogen Gibbon
Pine Ridge Cable Tv Gillette
Dithmer Ranch Gilman City
Harvey J Wieland Glasford
June M Wood Greenville
Sun Prairie Farms Hayes
Loretta Bettelyoun Hermosa
Dale or Shelly Lockhart Hot Springs
Vivian Benzel Hot Springs
Midtown Motors Hot Springs
A J Sanders Hot Springs
Mike Farrell Hot Springs
Paula Myers Hot Springs
Sh Evangelical Hot Springs
Regina Campbell Hot Springs
Richard or April Olstad Hot Springs
Clifford E Schunot Hot Springs
Dr Barry Jacobs Hot Springs
Stacy Herman Hot Springs
Dorothy Stock Hot Springs
David Garrison Hot Springs
Lockhart Mobile Home Hot Springs
Wayne or Faith Kilby Hot Springs
Tina or Troy Pierce Hot Springs
Rod Ninas Hot Springs
High-Tec Retreading Hot Springs
One Stop Tobacco Hot Springs
Bonnie S Rock Hot Springs
Craig Pearson Hot Springs
Kim Landers Hot Springs
James Lively Hot Springs
John or Kathy Lorenzen Hot Springs
Kora Lively Hot Springs
Treadwright Houston
Treadwright LLC Houston
Roland C or  Marie Kimmey Hyrum
Karla Mclaren Interior
Devota Hutchinson Kearney
Roy Doughty Kentfield
Tom or Carol Vaughn Kyle
Wayne or Barbara Frederick Lakeland
Gilburt Burnette Lewisville
State Farm Insurance Company Lincoln
Clara Swigert Lone Jack
John or Beverley Lundell Longmont
Catherine Tornquist Loveland
Richard Vandebossche Lusk
Walter Scott Lusk
Golden Living Center 0318 Manassas
Charles or Betty Orourke Manderson
Heather Yellow Boy Manderson
Kevin or Julie Clark Manhattan
Marion Energy Marion
Reita Moore Martin
Denzel Richards Martin
Stanley or Connie Mosher Martin
Lee A Hicks Martin
Gregg Claussen Martin
Cora Red Hair Martin
Alice Young Martin
Rebecca Three Stars Martin
Josh Fanning Martin
Ross or Edith Howe Martin
Robert Fogg Jr Martin
Badlands Ranch Resort Mesa
Roy Keith Classic & Customs Mesa
Larry Cvach Midland
Casey or Theresa Fortune Milesville
Wells Fargo Bank/ICO Minneapolis
Wells Fargo Bank SD N A Minneapolis
Johnny or Caren Ervin New Underwood
Benita White Bookkeeping New Underwood
Peggy Scott New Underwood
Dallas Madsen New Underwood
Hereford Country Store New Underwood
Benita R White Gilbert New Underwood
Harold or Hillary Baker Newell
Clayton or Sheila Merchen Norris
Tonia Arrow Norris
DME Railroad North Quincy
Stephen B Starr Oglala
Wilmer Young Man Sr Oglala
Wade Odaniel Oglala
Oglala Ridge Gen Store Oglala
D J Cornay Omaha
Glenn Beusch Omaha
Audrey Bray Oral
Fall River Water Users District Oral
Audrey Smith Orrville
Richard Doud Philip
Rick King Philip
Enid Schulz Philip
Ky or Barb Bowen Philip
Toby or Amy Kroetch Philip
Jill Alfaro Philip
Kay Couch Philip
Robert (Bob) or Karen (Cricket) Enger Pierre
Doris Pumpkin Seed Pine Ridge
Pine Ridge Garbage Serv Pine Ridge
Willard or Francine Nelson Pine Ridge
Delphine Brown Pine Ridge
Stacy Cedar Face Pine Ridge
Henry Brown Pine Ridge
Paul or Pam Lebeaux Pine Ridge
Pine Ridge Auto Parts Pine Ridge
Larry W Buckman Pine Ridge
Alvina Broken Leg Pine Ridge
Frederick or Ruby Gail Cedar Face Pine Ridge
OST Pine Ridge
Bryan V or Carla Brewer Pine Ridge
Darlene Mclaughlin Pine Ridge
Joe Brown Eyes Pine Ridge
Robert H or Frances Heckert Pine Ridge
Sharps Corner Baptist Church Pittsburg
Henry Boer Platte
Ramon Bear Runner Porcupine
Clint May Porcupine
Treaty Total Immersion School Porcupine
Kay Red Hail Porcupine
Faye or Everett Lone Hill Porcupine
Chuck or Jennifer Jacobs Porcupine
Hazel Pumpkin Seed Porcupine
Kendra Lone Elk Porcupine
Lakota Communications Inc Porcupine
Wesley C or Carol Jacobs Sr Porcupine
Porcupine Clinic Porcupine
Margaret Ross Porcupine
Adrienne White Bull Porcupine
Ed Iron Cloud Porcupine
Oow Empowerment Zone Porcupine
Jerald or Andrea Cook Quinn
Kieth or Debra Jo Smith Quinn
Kay Berkemeier Quinn
Bertha Warner Rapid City
Lester or Lola Lessert Rapid City
Clara Montileaux Rapid City
Jack or Elaine Barber Rapid City
George Waxler DDS Rapid City
Walter F Harper Rapid City
Roy F Garrett Rapid City
Rich D or Lynn A Mckinnie Rapid City
Chuck Wagon Rapid City
Wayne Lund Rapid City
Joe Rayman Rapid City
Lena K Belt Rapid City
Delores or Robert Standing Soldier Rapid City
Floyd Gibbons Rapid City
Cangleska Inc Rapid City
Laura Craniey Rapid City
E Midget Darragh Rapid City
Karen L Ehlers Rapid City
Badlands Koa Rapid City
At&T Mobility Richardson
Bob or Anne Miller Rocky Ford
Rst Tecro Office Rosebud
Darlene Wilcox Rosebud
Rst Meth Rehabilitation Program Rosebud
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Adult Corrections Rosebud
American Heart Assoc Inc Saint Louis
Margaret Red Eagle San Bernardino
Forest Mcdonald San Francisco
Farmers & Merchants Scotland
Wasserburger Bros Scottsbluff
Mary Ann Twin Seattle
M L Goldie Dahl Sebring
Robert or Alice Hinkeldey Sheridan
Charles Colombe Bbc Sioux Falls
Tuthill Post Office Sioux Falls
Robert or Janet Earle Spencer
Lexann Kienke Springview
Neal or Teann Rogers Springview
Oliver Swallow Sturgis
Marion Case Sturgis
Tony Oneill Tuthill
Talent Search Program Usd Vermillion
Gene or Rita A Patterson Wall
Myrle Caylor Wall
Norman Kezar Wall
Sandra Johnson Wall
University Of Minn Wall
Inez White Wall
Leola Quiver Wanblee
Hanna Amiotte Wanblee
Charles Willert Wasilla
Alan Nelsen Watertown
Karen Obrien White River
Mellette Co Ambulance White River
Mellette County Of White River
Dustin or Bobbie Schmidt White River
Kenneth Bowe Wiggins
Dhs/Ice Williston
Ann B Byrne Winnemucca
Louie or Emma Mitchell Wood
Paul or Phoebe Thunder Horse Wounded Knee
Brian Dodge Wounded Knee
Jerry or Penny Thompson Wylie



Golden West Returns $7.3 Million in Capital Credits to Members

Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative is retiring and returning more in capital credits to members this year – $7.3 million total – and is distributing the funds in August, which is a month ahead of the normal time frame.

“This has been a challenging year for people due to the pandemic, and Golden West wants to help our customers during this difficult time,” said Golden West General Manager and CEO Denny Law.

Funds Coming Via Bill Credits & Checks

For the first time, retired capital credit payments of $150 or less have been applied as a credit on the Golden West bill for active member accounts. Retired capital credits have also been applied as a bill credit on all active accounts showing a past due balance. These bill credits will appear on the customer’s August statement, arriving on one of the usual monthly billing dates of August 1 or 10. Issuing payments as a bill credit gets funds to customers even quicker.

Payments greater than $150 going to active member accounts without a past due balance will still be issued as checks and sent to arrive in mailboxes around August 11. Checks will also be issued and sent at the same time for excess retired capital credits totaling more than $150 after past due balances have been paid in full. Payments going to closed accounts will be issued as checks, as well.

“Customers should watch their August statements and mailboxes for these payments,” Law said. “Golden West is proud to return more funds back to our members sooner this year.”

Returns Cover 2003, 2004 & 2019

All members of the Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative are owners in the company and therefore share in its margins or profits. The Board of Directors allocates a portion of these margins to members each year. The funds remain available to the cooperative as working capital until the board votes to retire and return the monies to the membership. This year the cooperative is retiring and returning capital credit allocations from 2003 and portions of 2004 and 2019.

In addition to distributing more retired capital credit funds sooner, Golden West also halted disconnects and waived late fees from mid-March through June in response to COVID-19. The cooperative also offered quality-of-life enhancements during this time. These included offering free internet speed upgrade options, providing several free cable channel previews and increasing the long-distance minutes included with bundled phone service to 300 minutes per month. The increase in long-distance minutes is now a permanent benefit for customers who bundle phone with another service.