Capital Credits 2021

2021 Capital Credits

As a member of the cooperative, you are an owner in the company. The funds returned in September 2021 are your share of the company's margins, or profits, based on your past investment. Capital credits retired and returned this year are for investments made during 2004 and 2020. 

Your balance due may be smaller than usual this month. That's because Golden West has returned your capital credits in the form of a bill credit. To get dollars back to you sooner, all payments of $150 or less are being applied as a bill credit on active member accounts.

In addition, if your account showed a past due balance, your capital credit payment was issued as a credit on your September 2021 bill. If your retired capital credits paid your entire past due balance and you have additional funds coming over $150, you will receive a check in the mail after September 10, 2021 for the difference. Additional funds remaining of less than $150 will be issued as a credit.

Thank you for bring a member - it pays!