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  1. The Federal Communications Commission requires Golden West to verify every location within our service territory, whether the location is currently served by Golden West or not. To meet this requirement, Finley Construction will conduct mapping work around Hartford on behalf of Golden West. Work will begin on or about October 5 and should only take a couple of weeks to complete. Most of the work can likely be done from a distance, even from inside a vehicle. A few sites, especially those not included on the most recent Google maps, may require a closer physical visit to verify. All Finley Construction vehicles will be marked with a Golden West sticker. Thank you for your understanding as we work to update the maps of our service territory. Golden West is proud to provide reliable connections for all services and faster broadband internet speeds with state-of-the-art fiber optic technology in your area.

  2. Renner Retires & Annual Meeting Information

  3. Some Towns See Bright Spot with More Local Shopping When the pandemic first hit, Dell Rapids City Administrator Justin Weiland worried sales tax collections would drop significantly and impede the city’s ability to provide services. “I had…

  4. How to Start a Website for Your Business or Side Hustle   When Kim Handcock started Treat U Boutique a year ago, she made sure the name wasn’t registered with the State of South Dakota. She also verified that the domain was available.    “You…

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