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  1. Four years before the United States enacted prohibition, South Dakota passed a new prohibition law of its own, referred to as the “Bone-Dry” law. As the familiar story goes, many citizens disagreed and took to making illegal liquor for their families and friends. This led to numerous busts, destroyed stills and moonshiners going to jail. Prohibition ended in 1933, but South Dakota’s “Bone-Dry” law was not repealed until two years later.

  2. Driving north into the Golden West community of Lower Brule, one of the first buildings you see is Lower Brule High School. When you walk out the front door of the school, the picturesque Big Bend of the Missouri River meets your gaze. However, if you glance to the left, you will see the Lower Brule Day School and Education Administration Office. Tucked in the basement of this building, in a modest space shared with computer storage, sits a non-profit called Lower Brule Research (LBR). The brainchild of a science teacher, this non-profit is in its third year of teaching the youth of Lower Brule to ask questions and use science to help their community.

  3. In rural South Dakota, distance is normal a part of life. Your home might be half an hour from the closest town, which is another two hours away from the “big city.” There are ways though, to reduce distance when it comes to some of life’s necessities. Golden West’s reliable broadband technology can minimize this distance for rural towns, allowing for immediate access to jobs, education, and healthcare. The fact that you can live where you want and still have access to important things in life through your Internet is an exciting development for rural towns.

  4. Made in America When these words appear on a product you bought, do you ever wonder exactly where it came from? Technology often comes from California and cars, from Michigan, but what about South Dakota? With our scenic ranches and rolling fields, you might be surprised that the second biggest industry in South Dakota is manufacturing. In fact, some impressive products are made in places you might not expect.

  5. At first glance, Schmeckfest is the annual fundraiser (now in its 59th year) held in the farming community of Freeman, SD to benefit the Freeman Academy, a private school. Look again and you will see that Schmeckfest is more than a fundraiser; it is the celebration of a small town beaming with community pride. Gaze deeper and you’ll see that Schmeckfest pays homage to the Germans from Russia immigrant groups that settled in the Freeman area.

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