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  1. Find out how you can get produce from the prairie, congratulate our scholarship winners and see how telemedicine has expanded across South Dakota in the latest issue of Horizons.

  2. The past couple months have caused us all to pivot and make adjustments in our daily lives. Golden West members have proved resilient when faced with COVID-19, check out our May issue of Horizons to read their stories of positive adjustments and learn how Golden West has responded.

  3. Our January issue of Horizons features a look back on some of the first Golden West Scholarship recipients and where they are today, 20+ years later. #EverywherePeopleConnect

  4. In our November 2019 issue of Horizons, learn about the new school that was built in Union Center and how the teachers are incorporating STEAM into the classroom. Hear about the ways Golden West employees keep you connected, weather or not. Get a reminder on retransmission fees and some answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a quick recap from our 67th Annual Meeting.

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