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  1. FCC Mandates 10 Digit Dialing in 2022

  2. Golden West is working to keep you connected during the temporary power outages occurring and expected to occur across our service territory today. Our services run off battery backup, if necessary, which should ensure continued access to phone…

  3. NOTICE OF FORFEITURE OF CAPITAL CREDITS  Listed here are Golden West members that have failed to claim capital credits (to which they are entitled to receive) for the year 2003, and portions of 2004 and 2019. Checks were mailed to their last known…

  4. Wieman Land & Auction Co. has been a mainstay in Marion since 1949. The key to success for this third-generation business has been embracing modern technology while still relying on old-fashioned handshakes. “Our motto is, we’ll sell the earth and everything on it,” says owner Kevin Wieman. “So, anything else you can come up with, we’ve sold.”

  5. Security cameras are a great investment for your home. In addition to providing peace of mind, they can help deter crime, allow you to check in on children and pets, and make your life easier in many other ways.

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