Christmas Promotion-Business Offer

New or Upgrading Business Customers

Add Internet or Upgrade your Speed & Receive a one time $50 Bill Credit 

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This offer is for new or upgrading business customers who are adding Internet or increasing their Internet speed. To be considered a new customer, you must have been without Golden West service for a period of six months. The new service must be maintained for 12 months. If you should discontinue your service, it will void this offer and result in the cost of the offer and the installation being billed back to your account. The free installation doesn't include additional jacks. The monthly cost doesn't include local, state or federal charges or end-user fees. Golden West Internet speeds may vary based on network infrastructure and service availability. Higher Internet speeds may not be available in all areas. This is an advertisement. Golden West shall not be held liable for errors or omissions in pricing. In the event of an error we will make every effort to accommodate our customers. Some restrictions may apply. Golden West is an equal opportunity employer and provider.