FTTH Construction Overview - What to Expect

FTTH Construction Overview

What to Expect

1. The “clamshell,” which has just been hung on the outside of your home, is the point to which Golden West’s construction contractor will bury a fiber optic cable. 

2.   The same contractor will also complete the inside wiring portions of the project. If the inside wiring was not completed when the clamshell was hung, they will contact you to make another appointment. 

 3.   A construction contractor will dig a small trench across your yard to bury the cable to your home/business. Once the fiber optic cable is buried to the clamshell, the contractors will repair the lawn.

4.   When the first three steps are finished, Golden West will contact you for an appointment to “cut over” your services to fiber optics. 

5.  By the end of the project, Golden West and our contractors will finish site clean-up. Our goal is to return your yard to its original state.

clam shell.jpg

Clamshell on Outside of Home         

Kent Lurz inside install.jpg

Optical Network Terminal Inside of Home