July 2018 Horizons Newsletter

Custer-minutes, not miles, from ADVENTURE!

South Dakota vacations are memorable for many things: beautiful scenery, quaint towns, charming people and driving, hours of driving. Why not go somewhere that takes driving out of the equation?

"Don't spend all your time driving! Visit Custer and you'll spend the majority of your vacation experiencing the Black Hills," invites Custer Chamber of Commerce Events Coordinator Dolsee Davenport. Custer is mere minutes away from hundreds of miles of trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding or off-road vehicles. "We've also become a bit of a foodie town. Our restaurants are doing an exceptional job at making Custer a culinary destination," adds Dolsee. Custer is also close to two large mountain carvings you may be familiar with, but that's another story. Join us for a day in Custer!

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