May 2018 Horizons Newsletter

Telling Their Stories

Tom Rancour honors veterans with military display in Wasta.

Tom Rancour is many things. He is a father and a husband, an engineer and a business owner. He is a Golden West member, avid military surplus collector and historian. Tom is the founder, curator and operator of Armed Forces Display and Gifts (AFD&G) in Wasta, a small town located about 35 miles east of Rapid City. You have no doubt cruised right by it when going to or from the Black Hills. AFD&G is the big building in Wasta, just behind the Mobile station with an A-4C Skyhawk attack jet perched in the parking lot.

Yet, there is one more term to describe Tom Rancour, and that’s storyteller. His primary reason for creating the AFD&G is to preserve and tell the stories of real-life heroes, members of America’s armed forces. While the story of Tom’s life is interesting in its own right, he is far more interested in telling the stories of veterans, making certain their service and sacrifice stay etched in our minds. Thanks to Tom’s diligence, dedication and research, here are three stories about veterans featured at the AFD&G.