New Spam Filter

Spam, Junk, Phish - BLOCKED!

In our continuing effort to improve Golden West web mail, we're updating customers email filters and features. Our goal is to block spam, junk and phishing emails from clogging up inboxes and to help keep you safe from online scams.

Starting June 1, customers will receive Spam Digest emails every seven days. Spam Digest emails will contain more information about the messages caught in the filter. The new Spam Digest feature has:

Display Options
Select if you'd like to display emails caught in the filter from the past two days, one week or two weeks.

Release, Delete, Download & Print
You can choose to release messages incorrectly marked as spam, as well as delete, download or print any message in the filter.

Friends/Enemies List
Mark trusted email addresses and domains as Friends to be delivered to your inbox. Email addresses and domains marked enemies will be quarantined.

Color Codes
Emails caught in the filter will be categorized by color:

  • Red - Potentially dangerous email
  • Yellow - Suspicious email
  • Green - Junk email

Delivery Options
You can choose to receive filter notifications Never, Daily or Weekly.