Internet Speed Promotion

Eat, Drink & Share the Wi-Fi

holiday speed offer 2022 - 2.pngDuring this season of togetherness, bump up your speed so the whole family can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity on all devices - even Uncle Rick and Cousin Gina!

Gift yourself faster internet for the holidays on us!
Try the faster speed for 3 months with no commitment.

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This offer is for existing residential and business internet customers that request to try a faster speed. The trial will start from the date the speed is increased, will continue for at least three full months, and will end on the customer's next close of billing date. The cost of the increased internet speed will be offset by a credit to the bill each month during the trial period. The customer must call before the end of the three-month trial to cancel the upgrade and return to their pre-trial speed to avoid being charged for the new speed. An internet speed upgrade costs $20/month, so the value of this offer is $60. To be eligible for the offer, you must not have received credit for a speed increase in the previous 12 months. Golden West certifies internet speed using company equipment at the wired point where service enters the home or business. Internet speed availability varies by location.