We're Everywhere People Connect

Golden West started a little more than a hundred years ago stringing wire from one fencepost to the next. We set out to connect one family to another by bridging an impossible distance. Then we connected another and another, until eventually, this wire touched us all. This is where our story began. #EverywherePeopleConnect



The Golden West Brand

Our Mission Statement and Core Values remain unchanged.

The Mission of Golden West is to create an environment where OUR CUSTOMER’S goals are met, OUR PEOPLE achieve professional success delivering customer care and support, and OUR COMMUNITIES prosper and grow through continued investment.

Our Core Values still include being Relevant to our Customer’s Lives, Absolute Integrity, Excellence and Leadership, Long-Term Sustainability, Continued Investment in Talented Employees and Strong Sense of Community.

“We’re everywhere people connect” – Our new positioning line goes beyond our Mission Statement and Core Values and simply states our promise of connecting people. It’s what we do. We don’t just sell Internet or phone service. We bring people together.

Over the next few weeks and months you will see our new ads in print, online and on your television. We hope you enjoy them, as they focus on our connection as South Dakotan's to the land. You can also view our new commercials below.




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