Landline Phone

Reliable Home Phone

A home phone is more than just a way to make a call. With reliable home phone service from Golden West, you can feel secure knowing that you'll always have a way to connect with your family and friends.

Lifeline – A Federal program that makes communications services more affordable for qualifying consumers.

Relay SD – Disability Needs - For people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, or speech-impaired with difficulty communicating on the phone.

Expanded Local Calling Area - The expanded local calling areas are located on each side of the Missouri River.

Backup Power for Home Phone

Wire Maintenance
Let us worry about how to fix wiring problems. With a Wire Maintenance Plan, we’ll isolate the trouble and repair the defective wiring at no cost to you.

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Weather in South Dakota can be unpredictable, especially in the winter. But one thing you can count on is your landline phone from Golden West. Your home phone provides clear call quality without the worry of a poor connection.

  • Local Phone Service


    Enjoy unlimited local calling

    Golden West Telecommunication requires that all new accounts pay an advance of $60 before service is connected. The $60 advance is applied to your first month's bill and the remainder applied to the recurring monthly fee and any prorated charges. Please contact your local office for price quotes if any additional inside wiring may be needed.

    Other state, federal, city, county and reservation taxes and fees may apply.

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Additional Features

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  • Phone Wire Maintenance


    Phone Only
    No Charge for Repair Visits

    The wire maintenance plans cover the wiring from our outside connections to your equipment.

    It does not cover repair of:
    1) defective equipment (e.g. phones, televisions and other electronic equipment)
    2) problems caused by willful damage to inside wire or jacks
    3) wiring not done to industry standards

    The plan will become effective 30 days from the date the wire maintenance service is ordered. These plans cover wire maintenance on one phone number and each additional number is $1.50 a month. Not all wire maintenance plans are available in all communities.

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