Your Neighbors and Friends

Sure, South Dakota is a large state.

But we'd be the first to say it's really just a big small town.

It's a common experience – you meet someone from another South Dakota community, and before long you've established a small circle of mutual friends.

It's just one of the many simple pleasures we enjoy because we live here, where we still know our neighbors and we see our friends as we go about our daily business.

Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative stretches from the western border of South Dakota to the state's eastern edge, and it covers so much of what makes South Dakota life unique and special.

From the hiking in the Black Hills to the horse trails of the Badlands to the fishing holes in East River, this is a great place to live, work and play. Golden West strives to keep it that way by fulfilling our mission as a Co-op. The purpose of our Co-op is to provide quality services to our member-owners at a fair price. Our members get a voice in the organization, and we give back to our communities through scholarships, economic development awards and donations year-round.

Surplus earnings are returned to Golden West Co-op members in the form of capital credit checks every year, and they enjoy the security of dependable telecommunications services.

As we continue to provide thousands of South Dakotans with the services they expect, Golden West remains committed to keeping this South Dakota life as rewarding as it can be.

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