New Construction Process

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Golden West will construct infrastructure to homes and businesses within our existing service territory with the goal of activating services as quickly as possible. If you plan to build a new home or business or you need services in a building that hasn’t previously been connected, the work is done in the phases detailed below. To ensure your services are ready when you need them, it’s best to contact Golden West as construction starts, depending on the time of year.

Phase 1: Site Survey Appointment  
A Golden West technician will be scheduled to perform a site survey. The technician will prepare homes and businesses for services and will determine if a temporary line can safely be used. If a temporary line* is possible, the technician will do so at that time or shortly thereafter. The Golden West construction team will start the process of bringing a permanent line to homes and businesses after a temporary line is installed, or if a temporary line is not possible. The goal is to get active services to homes and businesses as safely and as quickly as possible.  

*A temporary line runs on top of the ground until it can be buried. This may be for an extended period of time depending on the season and the weather.   

Phase 2: Staking  
A Golden West technician will determine the best route for the new line and outline the route with white flags. A technician will contact the home or business to discuss this route. If our technician is unable to reach you or if you have any concerns about the flagged route, call 1-855-888-7777, option 3.   

Phase 3: Right of Way – Easements and Permits  
Easements and/or permits may be needed for Golden West to begin construction, which may result in a delay. If you receive a request for an easement, please sign it and have it notarized. Then return the easement to Golden West at your earliest convenience to help speed up the construction period.  

If you are unable to find a notary, call 1-855-888-7777, option 3, to see if one is available in a Golden West office near you.

What is a permit?  
Public roads have public right of way. For Golden West to place telecommunications lines in a public right of way, a permit may be needed from the State Department of Transportation (DOT), townships, road districts, or other governing bodies.  

What is an easement?  
An easement may be needed if construction crosses private property. This involves obtaining copies of deeds from the county courthouse to determine land ownership. The process of obtaining easements can delay construction. Once all required legal documents have been received and verified, Golden West can move to the next phase.  

Phase 4: Construction  
Golden West is now ready to start construction. Golden West will work with a contractor to complete the construction and get a line buried at the desired premises.  

Phase 5: Splicing  
After construction has been completed, Golden West will splice and test your connection.

What is splicing?  
Splicing refers to connecting two cables together. In other words, joining two ends together while keeping the cable’s original characteristics. It’s important that the connection be tested after splicing for reliability and speed.

Phase 6: Installation  
Services can now be installed. Golden West will reach out to schedule an installation appointment to activate your services at your convenience.

Thank you for choosing Golden West to keep you connected. We appreciate your patience during the construction process. We look forward to serving you as a member of the Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative.

If you have any questions or concerns at any point during the construction process, please call 1-855-888-7777, option 3. We are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.