There's More to Watch!

Watch what you want, when you want.
Play. Pause. Rewind. You're in control.

Choose from a huge selection of free and fee-based programming: new releases, Hollywood blockbusters, kid's shows, sports, music and more - including HD choices. With just a few clicks on your remote, you can be watching your favorite shows On Demand.

On Demand offers the functionality of a DVR through a digital receiver. With a push of a button on your remote, you can stop, play, pause, fast-forward and rewind anytime you want!

On Demand continually updates their library. Never again will there be "nothing good on".


Current VOD Releases

 On Demand requires a basic digital receiver, which you may lease from Golden West for $5.00 per month. The digital receiver and remote remain the property of Golden West and must be returned in the event of cancellation. Programming is subject to change. Selections are subject to charges indicated at the time of purchase. Equipment, installation, taxes and franchise fees are extra. Call for restrictions and complete details.