My Golden West Wi-Fi
Managed Wi-Fi vs Ultimate Wi-Fi

  Managed Wi-Fi  Ultimate Wi-Fi

Change Your Wi-Fi Network Name & Password


See the Devices Currently Using Your Wi-Fi

Categorize Your Devices (Work, Personal, Etc.) X X
Pause the Internet or Any Device, At Any Time X X
Create Routines for Scheduled Downtime X X
Create a Temporary Shareable Guest Network X X
Run a Speed Test X X
Receive Updates about Planned Network Maintenance X X

Block Inappropriate Categories Online

Block Applications You Deem Inappropriate   X
Set Time Limits for Specific Applications   X
Set Safe Search and YouTube Restrictions   X
View Usage for All Devices on Your Network   X
Prioritize Application Groups or Specific Devices   X
Set Schedules to Prioritize Work from Home or Streaming   X
Proactively Monitor Your Home's Incoming Traffic   X
Block Attempted Visits to Harmful Websites   X
Provide an Active Security Monitoring Service   X
Use Intrusion Prevention Settings (IPS) to Monitor, Notify, and Prevent Activity Such as Hackers   X
Actively Terminate Data Transfers before a Malicious Payload is Delivered   X
Notify Users Whenever a Security Issue is Triggered   X