Username & Password Policy


Username must have a minimum of 2 characters              

Username may have a maximum of 128 characters to include entire email address    = 15 characters         

First and last characters in username must be a letter or number; if a letter, it may be upper case.             

The rest of the characters may be letters or numbers      

Special characters of underscore, period or dash are allowed, but are limited to only one and cannot be the first or last character.  As a general rule, the use of special characters in usernames are not recommended.  If a customer wants to use one, know that special characters may not be accepted by all Internet systems, which may pose future challenges such as an inability to login into webmail or undeliverable email, etc.

Password Policy

Password must be at least 8 characters long

Password must not contain the username (forward or backward)

Password must not contain the word password

Password must contain letters and numbers (at least one of each)

Password may contain upper and/or lower case letters

All letters, numbers and symbols are allowed as well as spaces