Important Account Information

Golden West follows Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) rules to comply with the Federal Communications Commission. These rules are to protect the privacy of your information. CPNI rules allow us to discuss information only with the person(s) listed on the account. Before we can answer questions or provide information related to your billing, we must first be able to verify the person we are talking to is listed on the account.

What Does This Mean To Me?
A customer who walks into one of our business offices to discuss their account information, will be asked for their government-issued photo ID. The valid photo ID must match the name on the account. Customers who call one of our business offices will be asked questions to confirm they are the account holder or authorized to discuss or make changes to the account. 

Who Can Access or Make Changes to the Account?
If your account is listed only in your name, you may want to consider adding another name to the account, if appropriate, i.e. a spouse. If you are a parent or individual that relies on someone else to make account changes, payments or anything else with our company, you will need to have that person’s name added to your records as an authorized person to discuss information and make changes to your account. The additional person(s) that you authorize will not be responsible for payment of this account, entitled to any of the privileges associated with this account or listed in the phone directory.

Golden West is prohibited from providing any information to anyone whose name is not listed on the account. If you would like to allow someone else to have access to your account you may do so by notifying us in writing. Simply return the form below including the billing name(s), billing phone number and the name of the person(s) that you are adding, plus the last 4-digits of the Social Security numbers of all people listed on your account.

These changes cannot be made if the written request is not signed.