FCC Complaint Resolution

In compliance with the requirements of Section 76.607 of the FCC Rules, we are required to inform you that Golden West Cablevision has in effect the following procedures to ensure any complaints that may arise concerning the technical quality of the cable television signals that we deliver to you are promptly and efficiently resolved:

• Please call our repair department at 611 or 1-866-833-6683 from any Golden West telephone, If you have a complaint concerning the technical quality of the cable television signals we provide to you. If you still have a complaint after contacting our service department, please put your complaint in writing and send it to:

Golden West, Director of Video Services
P.O. Box 411, Wall, SD 57790-0411

• All complaints received concerning technical quality of cable television signals will be logged in on the same day of the receipt, and the date, time and nature of the complaint will be noted, as well as the name, address, and telephone number of the complaining subscriber.• Complaints concerning the technical quality of cable television signals will be investigated by a service technician. If the problem can be resolved without a service call to your premises, you will be advised of this immediately and the resolution of the complaint will be noted in the log book.

• All efforts will be made by our service technicians and other employees to resolve any complaints concerning the technical quality of service promptly and efficiently. If our service technician fails to correct the problem, you may contact the manager and we will review the complaint and the corrective action taken. If we are not able to take any further action to correct the problem, we will promptly inform you of our determination and the reasons we cannot correct the problem. If you believe our investigation and handling of the complaint is deficient in some manner, you may contact your local franchising authority.

FCC Compatibility Notification

Many television sets when directly connected to your cable system cannot receive the large number of channels offered. This is because many television sets and videocassette recorders are not designed to receive the number of signals provided by your cable company.

To overcome channel reception problems, an electronic channel-selection device called a “converter” can be obtained from your cable company or from other area retailers. Your cable company while not leasing converters, does offer a choice of new and used converters, some of which include remote control function.

The converters provided by your cable system may be incompatible with special functions on your television set or VCR. Converters may interfere with features that allow the subscriber to view a program on one channel while simultaneously recording a program on another channel; record two or more consecutive programs that appear on different channels; and, use advanced picture generation and display features such as picture-in-picture, channel review and other functions.

Cable-ready television sets will not usually require a converter to receive channels which are not scrambled or otherwise removed by your cable company. Not all cable-ready television sets and VCR’s, however, will function properly when directly connected your company’s cable television service. Some reception problems can be eliminated through the use of simple converter devices without descrambling capabilities that cannot be obtained from either your cable system or other retailers. To make sure that the new components you purchase are compatible, we encourage you to call your cable office before purchasing. This will assist you in choosing the components which will work with your cable television service.

Golden West has sold a variety of used manual and remote control converters in the past including Scientific Atlanta Model 8540 and 8510, Panasonic Model TCPC170DN1, Hamlin Model SPC-4000-3 and Stancomp Model CD-CI-713. Remote capable converters from a variety of manufacturers are also available at other local retail outlets.