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Wire Maintenance 
Phone  |  High-Speed Internet  |  Cable TV

Let us worry about how to fix wiring problems. With a Wire Maintenance Plan, we’ll isolate the trouble and repair the defective wiring at no cost to you. Best of all, you won’t be charged for the repair visit, even if the problem is traced back to your computer or other equipment.

Phone Wire (Phone Only) $1.50
Cable Wire (TV Only) $1.50
Internet Wire (Internet Only) $3.00
Cable TV Wire PAK (Phone & TV) $2.50
Internet Wire PAK (Phone & Internet) $3.50
CableNet Wire PAK (TV & Internet) $4.00
Complete Wire PAK (Phone, TV & Internet) $4.50

A wire maintenance plan covers the wiring from our outside connections to your equipment. It does not cover repair of: 1) defective equipment (e.g. phones, televisions, computers and other electronic equipment), 2) problems caused by willful damage to inside wire or jacks or 3) wiring not done to industry standards. The plan will become effective 30 days from the date the wire maintenance service is ordered. You must maintain your plan for three months. Not all wire maintenance plans are available in all communities.