FTTH Cutover Information

Following months of outside construction and after weeks of thorough testing, the fiber optic network is ready for use in your home or business. We’re excited that this technology will bring even higher quality services to your home or business. Your phone, internet, and/or cable TV service will soon be delivered over a dedicated fiber connection.

The wiring contractor hired by Golden West, will contact you to schedule a time to “cutover” your services to fiber optics. You do not need to be home for the appointment; we simply ask that an adult is present. 

Golden West Contractors in Your Area:

 Caputa/East Rapid City     TBD
 Colton  Travis Electric, Inc.
 Corsica  Travis Electric, Inc. 
 Custer  Travis Electric, Inc. 
 Enning  Golden West Telecommunications
 Hill City  TBD
 Hot Springs  TBD
 Humboldt/Montrose   Travis Electric, Inc. 
 Maurine  Golden West Telecommunications 
 Mission  Travis Electric, Inc.
 Murdo  Travis Electric, Inc. 
 South Lesterville  TBD
 Witten  TBD
 Wood  TBD










What to Expect:

  • The wiring contractor will work outside and inside your home to complete your cutover to the fiber optic network.
  • The total appointment time will be about 3-4 hours.
  • You will be without internet, phone and/or cable TV for up to 30 minutes.

Not only will your new fiber connection be more reliable and less susceptible to weather interference, it will also allow you to receive Golden West’s fastest internet speeds. You will, however, continue to receive the internet speed to which you subscribe unless you contact our office about an upgrade.

Before they leave, the contractor will ensure that the services that appear on your bill are working over the new fiber infrastructure.

Internet Customers – The contractor will verify the Wi-Fi signal is adequately covering your home or business and will help connect up to two wireless devices to your Wi-Fi network during the cutover visit.

Cable TV Customers The equipment you lease from Golden West will be replaced with fiber-compatible devices at this time. Golden West will continue to provide the first two receivers that are connected to TV’s at no charge. Each additional receiver needed will be $5.00/month.

DVR Customers The new receivers are whole-home DVR’s, meaning that only one DVR subscription is needed to provide all receivers in your home access to the DVR service. Please note the DVR recordings on your current receiver will not be available when the new receivers are installed.

If you have any questions regarding fiber optics call 1-855-888-7777. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to bring you advanced fiber optic technology. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you!