Lifeline Assistance

Lifeline (a federal program available from Golden West), includes broadband internet or telephone. Lifeline provides a monthly discount towards internet or phone services for qualifying customers. This discount can also be applied to a bundles with internet.

The Tribal Lifeline and Link-Up programs allow for discounts for qualified  consumers living on Tribal lands.

What do the programs provide?

LIFELINE provides qualifying customers with a monthly credit of $9.25 off the basic service portion of their internet bill OR $5.25* off the basic service portion of their telephone bill.

TRIBAL LIFELINE assistance for residents of tribal lands provides eligible subscribers with a up to $34.25 monthly discount for internet service or $28.60 for telephone service. CIF (Hearing Impaired Service) and 911 fees still apply. Lifeline subscribers may also receive blocking of long distance calls on their telephone line at no charge.

TRIBAL LINK-UP provides eligible tribal land subscribers with reduced connection charges for their basic home telephone service. This discount is 100 percent of the applicable charges up to $100.00.  It does not cover the cost of wiring inside your home and is limited to one time per home address per subscriber.

Watch Video For Assistance With Application Process:

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  • We encourage customers to apply directly online. This video will walk you through the process.
  • Applying by mail will take the longest to process.
  • Click on the Chapters in the menu on the left to move through the video as you are ready.

Apply Online

To see if you are eligible for Lifeline, please review the information on the links listed above. Call us at 1-855-888-7777 for more assistance.

Lifeline basic monthly phone services are still available, but only one Lifeline benefit per household is permitted  You cannot transfer your Lifeline discount to someone else, even if he or she is eligible. CIF - Hearing Impaired Service, Long Distance, 911 fees and other applicable charges still apply. Lifeline subscribers may also block long distance calls on their phone line.

*The Federal Communications Commission has extended the $5.25 Lifeline discount on phone service through Dec. 1, 2024.