Double the Email Storage for the Same Price

Double the Email Storage for the Same Price

While there are more options for staying connected nowadays than ever before, email remains an important tool. It’s quick, convenient, and easy to use — and a daily ritual for many.

With this in mind, Golden West is expanding the storage limit on all email accounts to 8 GB with no corresponding price increase. That will give you twice the storage for the same cost, so you can save more of those family photos, personal correspondence, and important documents without worrying about missing any messages. If your account doesn’t already reflect the storage upgrade, you should notice it soon.

It’s always good to optimize your email storage space regardless. There are several easy steps you can take, including: • Delete unimportant emails from your Inbox • Delete unimportant emails from your Sent Items folder • Empty your Deleted Items folder and/or empty the Trash

If you have any questions, call us at 1-855-888-7777, option 1 (technical support).

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is my email storage increase? 

Golden West is doubling the storage limit on all email accounts to 8 GB 

How much will the increase cost me? 

Nothing! There is no price increase for the expanded storage.  

Why are you increasing email storage? 

We recognize that email remains an important communication tool for our customers and want to make sure you have plenty of space to save photos, documents, and other important files 

What if I use most or all of my 8 GB of storage? 

You can free up storage space by deleting unimportant emails from your In Box and Sent Items folder and emptying out your Deleted Items and Trash. 

How can I check my mailbox size/storage limit? 

Your Golden West webmail displays your quota, or available storage space, in the lower left-hand corner of the page. It’s to the right of the logout button on the “elastic” skin, and next to the gear for settings on the “Larry” skin.  

The skin dictates the webmail’s user interface or how it appears on your screen. The default skin is “Larry.” Customers can choose to enable the “elastic” skin which allows for easier webmail viewing on your phone or tablet. For instructions on changing webmail skins, visit 

How can I check my mailbox size/storage limit if I use a client other than webmail? 

There are many different email clients. We can’t cover them all, but we will touch upon two of the most popular: Thunderbird and Outlook. 

In Thunderbird, right click on the Inbox and choose Properties. Information is available in the Quota tab. 

In Outlook, right click anywhere in the notification bar on the bottom of the application. “Quota Information” is displayed after enabling the feature.  

A simple Google search should return instructions on how to view your quota in your email client of choice. Otherwise, anyone can log into webmail. To do so, visit and click on Web Mail in the upper right-hand corner.