Community Announcements

Golden West will continue to improve and expand its fiber network with the four ongoing upgrade projects and two new areas that will be receiving fiber-optic technology. Among the new Fiber to the Home projects, Caputa and Utica will be added to the Golden West network.

The current projects for 2024 include the following:

  • Hot Springs Angostura
  • Hot Springs Minnekahta
  • Wood
  • Witten
  • Utica
  • Caputa

In addition to the 2024 projects, two 2023 Fiber to the Home projects are in stages of development approaching completion this year – the Custer areas and Humboldt/Montrose projects, which will be finished this year.

Over the course of this year, updates for the Fiber to the Home projects will continue to be placed on their dedicated pages. Get connected to your area by reading about the Fiber to the Home project here.