Speeds Up To 5 Gig Available in Hartford

Go where you want. Get there faster.

Golden West has been providing its members in Hartford fiber internet since 2013. 

Golden West recognizes the need for fast broadband speeds and is committed to providing customers with the speed their lifestyles demand. On March 1, Hartford was the first to benefit; customers were upgraded to faster speeds, up to 1 Gbps depending on their service package, at no additional charge.

Golden West is offering two EVEN HIGHER packages — up to 2.5 Gbps and up to 5 Gbps — for members who require even faster speeds. As we upgrade our network equipment, we will be rolling out speed increases to communities throughout our service territory.

Hartford Internet Customers: 


Golden West internet speeds may vary based on network infrastructure and service availability. Golden West certifies speed using company equipment at the wired point where the service enters the home or business. Factors that can limit speeds inside your home or business include the age and features of the equipment you are using, multiple devices connected simultaneously, interference from other wireless devices, your home's structure or layout, and the wireless router's location.