What information do you need to set up my domain name?

  1. Your name, address and telephone number if you are a current customer. If you are a new customer we will require your contact information and a billing option.
  2. Your domain name
  3. Your username your website is or will be associated with, and is most likely the same username your Internet connection is associated with.
  4. We will need to know if you require email addresses for your domain name, we can set up virtual email addresses (see FAQ's - Domain Name email addresses - Virtual Email addresses) or point the mail for your domain name to a different location (this is required if you run your own internal mail server, example: business email servers such as Exchange).

What is involved in making a domain work?

There are several conditions that are required for the domain name to be properly registered and accessible:

  1. The domain name has to be registered at a Registrar
  2. The domain name must contain our Name Servers; a WHOIS lookup for the domain name at Network Solutions Whois will display the current name servers for the domain name. Our name servers are ns1.ispservices.us and ns2.ispservices.us.
  3. Contact Golden West Internet Solutions at (800) 763-2525.
  4. We will add the domain name to our servers so that your website can be accessed by typing your domain name into the URL or Address fields of a web browser. We will set up the www and non-www version of your domain name. We can also set up email for your domain name at that time.