If a specific email was not sent, it may have violated one of the rules of our outgoing email filter. If you have determined that the email did not violate any of the outgoing email filter rules, we would need the following information emailed to info@goldenwest.net.
  1. Bounce message with full header information (how to locate message headers is located in our FAQ's under the email heading)
  2. The IP address you are connected on. You can find this by typing in myip.goldenwest.net in your browsers address bar
  3. What email address you're sending as
  4. What email address you're trying to send to
  5. Approximate time the message was sent
  6. Any extra information you can provide, such as an error message, subject of the message, etc.

You can also call our help desk 24/7 at 1-866-833-6683 for further assistance.