No Cable TV picture? Check Your TV Input.

 Most TVs have multiple input or source ports to connect multiple video devices. To switch between devices, like your cable TV set-top box, a gaming console, or a DVR player, change your TV’s input or source setting to match where the device you want is plugged into. Once in a while, the INPUT or SOURCE button gets bumped and changes the setting inadvertently, causing you to lose your Cable TV picture.

If both your TV and your set-top box are both on, but you don’t see a picture, make sure your TV is on the correct INPUT. To do so, locate the INPUT or SOURCE button on your remote control that was provided with your TV or the INPUT or SOURCE button on the front, side or back of your TV.

Toggle through your INPUT or SOURCE options until you locate the one designated for your cable TV set-top box. This is a quick and easy way to determine which input your device is on. If you have a High Definition TV your set-top box will either be on a HDMI or Component input option.

Once pressing INPUT or SOURCE, use the arrows on the same remote control to scroll the input option for your Cable TV set-top box.

Then use the OKAY or ENTER button on your remote control to select the appropriate option. Note, not all TV’s require you to press OKAY or ENTER to select the INPUT or SOURCE.