If you are a business, and you have a website, your website is a 24/7 advertising tool for you - your billboard on the web. Because you spent money to produce this tool, you want to know if it's effective. The way to make sure that it's effective is to measure the traffic. WebStats can do that for you.

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WebStats measures the who, what, when, and where of your website traffic. If you have launched an advertising campaign on your site, how can you determine if it's effective? If you have recently indexed your site with major search engines such as Google or Yahoo, has this produced the results you were hoping for? If you happen to be a retail business that has peaks in the summer, and slows down in winter, how can you track the detailed traffic patterns on your site as you plan your year? WebStats will do all this for you and more.
WebStats reports are attractive and well organized. The tables are shaded and colored to make it easy to find the data you're looking for. You'll be able to show WebStats reports to your supervisor, or print them right to a transparency and show them in a meeting.

WebStats is a powerful and feature-full tool that processes your website log files and generates a collection of attractive tables and graphs that show you:

  • When visitors have viewed your website, displayed as a complete monthly history as well as broken out by days of the month, days of the week and hours.
  • Who visited your website listed by countries, hosts (a computer connected to Internet, shown in the reports as IP addresses), robots or spiders (mainly from search engines), the last visit made by a particular host, robot or spider and the duration of the visit.
  • Total number of visitors to your website listed by the pages viewed also the visitors entry and exit pages.
  • How visitors navigated your website listing the pages visitors entered, viewed and exited your website.
  • Where visitors connected from and the total number of visits to your website from Search Engines and links from other websites.
  • The keywords or key phrases visitors used including the total number used to enter your website from Search Engines.
  • Types of web browsers and operating systems visitors used to get to your website.
  • The number of hits when a visit to your site came from a direct access by a bookmark or entering your home page directly.