Setting up your Golden West email on a smart phone, tablet, or on your computer using a mail client is easy. When selecting your settings, you must choose between POP3 and IMAP. 

POP3 works best when email will be accessed from only one device such as a desktop computer. With POP3, messages are downloaded from the server and stored on your device.

If you plan to check email across multiple devices, such as your desktop, laptop, cell phone, or tablet, IMAP may be a better option. With IMAP, messages remain on the server. As such, IMAP typically uses more server space than POP3.

Note that each Golden West email account receives 8 GB of storage space.

For a more detailed explanation of the POP3 vs. IMAP configuration, visit

Next use your webmail domain to determine the appropriate settings.

Email AddressIncomingOutgoing*


*Outgoing authentication is required. Contact our Help Desk for assistance in setting this up.

When setting up your email, you may need to select the port for email communication.  Here’s a list of ports based on IMAP or POP3, and SSL or Non-SSL settings. It is recommended to use an SSL or TLS encrypted port.

 Incoming IMAP Port Number (Non-SLL)   143
 Incoming POP3 Port Number (Non-SLL)    110 
 Incoming IMAP Port Number (SLL)    993 
 Incoming POP3 Port Number (SLL)   995 
 Outgoing Mail Port Number (Non-SLL)   25
 Outgoing Mail Port Number (SLL)   465


If you have any additional questions on your email server settings, call our help desk at 1-855-888-7777.