Every computer connected to the Internet has an address which is called an Internet Protocol address (IP address).

The IP address is formatted in the form of numbers separated by periods, for example:

This IP address may or may not change every time you make a connection to the Internet.

Static IP's remain the same every time an Internet connection is made. This can be useful when you need to be able to access something at your location, from offsite reliably.

How do I get assigned a static IP?

Contact our Customer Service Department.
If you are calling from a Golden West telephone line, you can simply dial 777.
Toll Free 1-855-888-7777

Can my static IP address change?

If we upgrade or make changes to our network, or if you move or change service your Static IP address may change. If you decide to cancel the Static IP, upon termination, the IP address will be recycled. Customers have no ownership rights of the IP address. Golden West provides Help Desk support for the basic internet configuration for internet access.