Our Help Desk can assist you with troubleshooting the following:

Internet Service
Setups, Wireless (or wifi) connectivity, or connecting with a cable. No connection, Slow connection,
or intermittent connections.

Supported email clients are Mac Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Web Mail, all with In-House email filtering. These mail clients are no longer supported by their manufacturers.  We will provide a best effort support for these clients, but cannot guarantee that the programs will remain compatible with our services.

Basic setup and troubleshooting issues for Golden West email accounts, which may include the deleting of mailboxes and setting up profiles

Showing customers how to log into their spam filter, configure settings, delete, and deliver messages.

Operating Systems
Supported operating systems:  Windows 7 and above, Mac OS 10 and above.  For older operating systems, we will provide our best effort of support.  Using older operating systems for internet access is not recommended, as they will have security risks

Involves troubleshooting of services Golden West provides which are running on the supported operating systems

Firewalls and Anti-Virus Software

Best effort support for disabling email scanning in third party anti-virus programs, such as Norton, McAfee, or AVG.

Support checking if a program is blocked by the firewall by disabling firewall.

Full support of the Golden West Vipre anti-virus software.


Support providing information on where to get Ad-Aware & Microsoft anti-spyware over the phone or via email.  Installation, updating, and scanning are not supported.

Checking for spyware.

Malware Detection

Internet Browsing
Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, *Google Chrome, *Mozilla Firefox.

Basic checking of settings. Installations or updates not supported.

Restoring all browser defaults back to factory settings.

Configuring browser and re-registering OS components to provide secure site browsing

Building Blocks

Support helping customer logging into their account and uploading the logo for their site only.  Further requests will be directed to the Customer Service office at 800-763-2525.

Web Hosting

Support showing customers how to ftp to their web directory using IE, and concept of copy and pasting into their folder.  Further requests will be directed to the Customer Service office at 800-763-2525.

Domain Name Hosting

Verify the customers domain name is being hosted by Golden West.  Further requests will be directed to the Customer Service office at 800-763-2525.

Web Filtering/Acceleration

Help configuring programs, disabling if one causes interference, and having customer reinstall, if disabling fixed the problem as program may be corrupt.

Helping customer configure browser to use proxy server if acceleration program needs it.


Checking to ensure supported network devices have local IP addresses from the ISP provided premise equipment.  (to include PC, MAC, and smart tablets).

Running ping/telnet tests.

Setting up new connections.

Warn of adverse effects of keeping unnecessary components. Customer may remove these of their own will but will not be directed to do so by Golden West. These are unnecessary networking components in the control panel that a customer does not need (ex: virtual private networking, aol, netbeui, ipx/spx, client for netware networks components).


We are most familiar with the most common router brands of Linksys, D-link, Netgear and Belkin, but will provide our best effort of support for any router. Unfortunately, we can not always guarantee that we will be able to resolve issues with any router, and you may be required to contact the manufacturer of the device.

Default configuration, wireless connection setup, wireless security and general troubleshooting for connection problems.

Set up as DHCP, Static or PPPoE.

No port forwarding/advanced firewall features.