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How to Read Your Bill (PDF)

Golden West uses the following billing and collection guidelines. If you are unable to meet the regular payment time frame explained below, dial 777 or toll-free 1-855-888-7777 and a member services and sales representative will work with you on alternative arrangements.

Important Billing and Collection Dates:

Golden West Billing Dates Cycle 1 Cycle 10
Bills Mailed

Current Month

Current Month

Payments Due A 1.5% late charge is assessed on unpaid balances after this date. Past Due notices will appear on next month's bill for accounts with unpaid balances.

Current Month

Next Month

Final Notices Sent for Past Due Accounts

Current Month

Next Month

Late Payment Arrangements Required
to Avoid Disconnection

Next Month

Next Month

Past Due Accounts Disconnected
In Accordance with South Dakota PUC and FCC Rules

Next Month

Next Month 


Other Billing and Collection Guidelines

  • Once a service is disconnected for nonpayment, the entire billing amount owed plus reconnect fees must be paid prior to reconnecting service(s). An advance payment may also be required at this time.
  • Unbundled services (phone, cable, Internet or long distance) will not be reconnected until the individual service has been paid in full.
  • Bundled services disconnected due to nonpayment must be paid in full, plus reconnection fees to reconnect any type of service. 
  • Deniable and Non-Deniable Charges: Non-payment of the following charges will result in the disconnection of basic local phone service: local phone service or subscription to a bundled service.
  • Non-payment of the following charges will not result in the disconnection of local phone service:  cable television, Internet and long distance services.
  • An administrative service fee up to the maximum allowed by the state will be assessed for each dishonored check issued by a customer.

  • Golden West does not accept post-dated or two-party checks.