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  1.  DWU Culver's Classic 2019 Golden West Ch. 98 February 8th-Girls Schedule  Time        1:00 PM   Burke/South Central  vs.  Bridgewater Emery   2:30 PM  McCook Central/Montrose  vs.  Pine Ridge  4:00 PM  Hanson  vs.…

  2. View the South Dakota Girls 2019 State Gymnastics Tournament on Golden West Ch. 97

  3. Golden West started a little more than a hundred years ago stringing wire from one fencepost to the next. We set out to connect one family to another by bridging an impossible distance. Then we connected another and another, until eventually, this wire touched us all. This is where our story began.

  4. Get the most from your Golden West Internet by learning what factors contribute to your Internet speed and connection.

  5. Check back for updates and FAQ's to the Fiber to the Home project happening in Murdo in 2019.

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