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IPTV Upgrade Overview

Enhanced Features & Options Available
IPTV  offers many enhanced features, and Golden West thinks you'll be impressed by the additional options. IPTV receivers (set-top boxes) are more reliable, because they are newer and operate on the fiber optic network. IPTV also offers enhanced Video on Demand options, and it allows customers to Pause Live TV.

DVR Subscribers
If you are a DVR subscriber, you will have whole-home DVR service on IPTV, along with 72-hour catchup-and-restart on most channels. That means you can go back and watch anything that aired in the last three days without ever having recorded it. It is important to note that any DVR recordings on the non-IPTV system will not be available after the new receiver is installed. Some recordings may be available through Video on Demand.

Cable package prices remain the same, and Golden West continues to provide the first two receivers connected to TV's at no charge. IPTV receivers are more advanced, so additional receivers beyond two cost $5.00/month instead of $2.00/month. 


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